PillPacPlus Sachets

We will sort and organise your medicines by date and time into easy-to-use sachets

No more organising, filling, sorting, forgetting and no more hassle


Medication Made Easy

Managing your medicines has never been easier

Do you take multiple pills every day?
Do you find it difficult sometimes to know what pill to take on what day or at what time?
Do you sometimes forget to take the right medicine on the right day?
Are you struggling with organising and collecting your prescriptions?
Do you think you would benefit from having a more organised, easy-to-follow medicine regime?
Would you like to add vitamins and supplements into your daily regime?
Do you have a loved one – a parent, child or vulnerable person – who needs help with their medicines and supplements?

We are a full-service pharmacy and are now offering a new easy-to-follow medicines management service providing a solution to all of the above problems.

Step One ... one month free trial

To Register

Contact us to register for a one month free trial service for yourself or for someone you care for.  Once registered one of our Pharmacists will explain how PillPacPlus works and how we can best manage your regular  medication needs.

Step Two ... agree your personal-plan

We’ll talk through your prescriptions with you and work out a plan for managing your medicines. We will sort and organise your medicines by date and time into a schedule that suits your needs best.

We can add vitamins, supplements and any other over the counter (OTC) items into the sachets.

Step Three ... prepare your PillPacPlus sachets

We enter your treatment plan into our system and our robot generates your medication in easy to use sachets in line with your treatment plan. Sachets are filled, clearly labelled and sealed with your medication.

Each sachet will contain the medicines and other items you need to take on particular days at particular times, customised for you. 

Step Four ... PillPacPlus prepared with any other medications on prescription

After your sachets are checked, the roll is put into a recyclable box.  If you need anything else from the pharmacy (such as creams, inhalers, dressings), we will prepare and provide these as well, as part of our full range of services.  These items will be dispensed with your PillPacPlus box of medication.

We will contact you to let you know when your medication is ready for collection or delivery can be arranged (for a set fee).

Step Five ... managing your refills

We will work with your GP surgery to ensure that your prescription is renewed every four weeks ensuring that everything is prepared in ample time before you next cycle’s supply

Your sachets will be updated to take account of any changes to your prescription. You will be informed of any changes so you will have no need to worry. If you need to make a change or update your medications, you can contact our staff by email or phone.

Managing your medicines has never been easier

You will never have to sort pills or miss a dose again. This is your medication and health regime made easy. 

Contact us and we will do the rest.